12 April 2018

Vinterblot presents "Italia Oscura"

Vinterblot presents "Italia Oscura": an Italian prog rock Induction.

Vinterblot presents "Italia Oscura": an Italian prog rock Induction.

 Dear Summoners, we have just reached our first 1000 followers on Spotify!

 We love to share both Good Music and the finest Art from Italy, therefore we created a Playlist with a bunch of our favourite tracks from that Golden Era!

 • Listen to "Italia Oscura" at:

1) Museo Rosenbach - Della natura
2) Osanna - L'uomo
3) Balletto di Bronzo - Epilogo
4) Quella Vecchia Locanda - Realtà
 5) Alphataurus - Ombra muta
6) Le Orme - Alienazione
7) Biglietto per l'Inferno - Il nevare
8) New Trolls - C'è troppa guerra
9) Premiata Forneria Marconi - Generale
10) Goblin - Aquaman
11) Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - 750.000 anni fa... l'amore?
12) Area - Consapevolezza
13) Jacula - Ritus
14) Premiata Forneria Marconi - Impressioni di Settembre

 Have fun and feel free to share it!

2 March 2018

Watch out for the Moon...

"Incantations of a Dying Sun,
Eternal Lamentation of Darkness..."

Do not dread Silence, it brings wisdom and energy among our ranks!

We are currently working on the tracklist for our next full-length Album, along with all the planning involved.

On this day of lunar magic, watch out for the Moon...

(Photo By © Francesco Ricci)

21 December 2017

Embracing the Majesty of Winter

Embracing the Majesty of Winter, refreshed by this Magic Night, we wish you Life, Strength and Hope! 

" Glance as Ice will strike 
as I reborn!" 

4 September 2017

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21 June 2017

"The Ravenlock"

An Energy Catalyst, a Spiritual Guidance and silent Manifesto,  here's "The Ravenlock"!

Wood carved by the skilful hands of Arcangelo Ambrosi, an exquisite Artisan born of our hometown prolific womb.

A New Path has begun...

- You can also follow his works @