21 September 2015

Album preview from the Studio!

Autumn has come, it's time for some new Album preview.
Stay tuned in the next weeks!

4 September 2015

Recordings for our new Album are over!

We are happy to announce that the recordings for our 2nd Full Length Studio Album are finally over!

It was an amazing journey, we look forward to share our joy with you!

More exclusive updates and infos will come soon, make sure to check this page in the following weeks.

26 May 2015

A New Chapter..

Vinterblot Line Up 2015

Fire to Burn, Fire to Heal... here we are, Gathered!

As Wood turns to Spark, Darkness leads to Light. A new chapter is being written in Blood and Magic.

We would finally thank our photographer Francesca Fusina for the amazing effort joinin' our project and souls!

Photo Credits: © Francesca Fusina

6 April 2015

"Crawling and Black-tar Spirit..."

Vinterblot - Phanaeus 2015
Vinterblot (2015)

"Crawling and Black-tar Spirit..."
Photo Credits: © Francesca Fusina (2015)
 A special Thanks to Laura, Domenico, Marco and the sweet J├Ąger!

19 March 2015

Back From Trentino!

I Paesaggi meravigliosi del Trentino, nella nostra memoria, faranno il paio con lo splendido pubblico accorso al "Fire Fest" a Bolzano lo scorso Weekend!

Ringraziamo ancora tutti voi, il nostro Antonio e Silvia per averci supportati in questa campagna. Salutiamo con onore le band con le quali abbiamo condiviso il palco!

28 February 2015

Preview from our new Photo Set (2015) !

VINTERBLOT Line Up (2015)
VINTERBLOT Line Up (2015)

Here we are... ready to cut through new Horizons with our almost-complete new Opus!

Can't wait to share new tunes/tales and enter the Studio in May! -for now- here's a preview of our brand new photoset.

"...the Ritual is going to begin!"

Photo Credits: © Francesca Fusina

17 February 2015

Now on Instagram!

We are now on Instagram!

In the meanwhile, we are working hard on the new album, before entering the studio next spring: "..It is just a matter of Time!"