Vinterblot is an Italian band dedicated to represent the most arcane, esoteric and pagan traits of European culture. By means of an archetipical language, Vinterblot aims to re-enact the old chant that once connected earthly and mystical worlds, human spirit and divinity.


The band was founded during winter MMVIII by a group of young men, passionate about hiking in the Apulian woods. They grew up immersed in both the melancholy and the majesty sung by the bards of 80-90’s, such as Bathory, Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Emperor and Enslaved. So far, Black and Death metal have inspired them to pursue a unique blend of genres, bound together by a marked inclination for melody.


With two full-length studio Albums and one EP, they still persevere on their musical path, enhancing their human and magical knowledge.
More moons will come…




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