Austrian Gig Cancelled, Read Below!

Sadly we have to announce that Austrian “Under the Black Light” event (w/ Menhir etc.) has been cancelled for reasons unconnected with us and unconnected with “Music” in general!

This is our Idea about the Issue: Music is Communication and Exchange, Political Extremism is nothing like that, so it is Blameworthy ( Right or Left wing, it doesn’t matter ). This time Music and Bands are Victims. Music and Politics are Far from being mutual, someone may use the former as a tool or with politic aim, we Don’t and we’ll Never Do it.

We look forward to recover the Austrian Gig, maybe looking for any other gigs in that zone, stay tuned for further news.

[ Read the Promoter Announcement here ( German / English ) : ]

Newspaper Bulletin ( German ):;art4,1071929